A letter of honor to those with autism and the ones who love them.

अपडेट किया गया: 7 जून 2020

To those who suffer silently, I say you are brave and important. I see you in your hiding, and I hope you find support and understanding in the new year.

To those who cry and argue and explode like a volcano, I wish for you a person who can translate your needs and help you understand how to feel more centered.

To those who love you but don't know how to understand you, I hope for revelation and "ah-hah" moments.

To those who carry shame, blame, fear, discouragement, confusion, or deep pain, I wish freedom and blessing to chase you down this year and remind you who you are.

You are important.

How you are made is amazing.

You are powerful, and what you believe changes the world.

You are not alone. We stand beside you.

#autism #adultautism

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