Relationship Building on the Spectrum: "What do you Think?"

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In this post, you will read about a relationship skill that often takes a back seat within the autism spectrum. Asking this one question today will strengthen your key relationships.

COMMUNICATION IN AUTISM IS OFTEN MISSING THIS KEY FEATURE Reciprocity in relationships is the exchange of emotions, thoughts, ideas, and experiences. One of the diagnostic characteristics within autism is an impairment in reciprocity. Communication from the ASD individual is often one-sided and lacking in the back-and-forth exchange that builds relationships. The autistic may also focus on requests (e.g., "I want this") or factual transactions -- sometimes about a particular interest -- (e.g., "Nearly 40,000 Soviet civilians lost their lives during the Battle of Stalingrad"). ASKING FOR INPUT CREATES EXCHANGE The autistic often focuses on the topic or reason for the conversation. Relational goals for exchange ("sharing of minds") may seem less compelling. But it is the exchange itself that builds a connection with others. A simple question from the ASD individual creates an opportunity for back-and-forth exchange. She could ask, "What do you think?" or "What's your opinion?" Inviting others to provide input is a robust way to improve relationship satisfaction for the autistic who desires close relationships. #autism #adultautism

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